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Your 2008 Aberdeen Creek HOA Board of Directors would like to introduce themselves to you and give you a brief overview of what we would like to accomplish this year.

Effective Jan. 1, 2008 the officers of the Board of Directors are:

Marci Martin (8814) President

Denise Briggs (8915) Vice President

Cliff Reiss (8941) Treasurer

John Cirello (8946) Secretary

Rob Fisher (8940) Alternate

We are a small community of only 51 homes. Our ability to handle the affairs of the Association, as required by Florida State law, depends on having volunteers who are willing to serve on the Board and other committees. It also depends on the willingness of the property owners to contribute their time and effort to help maintain the community.

In 2008 we plan to hold as few meetings as possible while keeping the Association running smoothly. Notice of meetings will be posted at the front entrance and on the web site. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you canít attend a meeting, minutes will be posted on the web site for you to read. If you do not have Internet access and require a printed copy of the minutes you may request same from any Board member.

The Board is soliciting bids to freshen up the landscape at the entrance and to repair the sprinkler system. Our goal is to have this work completed in early spring.

As we all know, enforcement of the CC&Rís is important to ensure the community continues to maintain the high standards that make Aberdeen Creek a desirable place to live. We must also do all that is in our power to keep our property values high. One of the Boardís responsibilities is to ensure owners comply with the CC&R requirements for maintaining our homes and yards. This may not be the most desirable part of the Boardís responsibilities, but it is an important part of the job.

Within the next couple of weeks, Board members will be taking a close look at houses and yards to determine if there are maintenance and upkeep improvements that need to be made. Please take some time now to address any potential CC&R violations you may have on your property.


Hereís a list of some things we will be looking at:

1. Yards should be weed free with no bare spots. If you have dug out bare spots and filled in with dirt, this is fine, as St Augustine grass will fill in.

2. Flowerbeds should be weed free. Bushes should be trimmed and neat. Dead plants should be removed.

3. Trees should be trimmed away from the sidewalk and road. They should also be trimmed away from streetlights.

4. White PVC fences should be free of mildew and dirt.

5. Wood fences should be pressure washed regularly. Wood stain or water sealer will save you time and preserve your fence.

6. Mailboxes should be cleaned as needed.

  1. Vehicles should not block the sidewalk or be parked on the road.

Finally, the Board will also be serving as the Architectural Control Committee for a while. If you plan to alter your landscape, paint your home, or make any design changes, you must have ACC approval. A new color book for exteriors has been approved by the Board and will be available for you to look at and make your color choices. These color selection restrictions have always been in place, but since Duron discontinued our colors, a new book has been put together using Sherwin Williams paint chips. Colors were matched as closely as possible. If you have your original paint formula from Duron, you may continue to use that.

The Board welcomes suggestions, ideas, comments, and feedback from the community. Attending Board meetings is a good way to bring your suggestions and concerns to our attention. You may e-mail the Board at



Your Aberdeen Creek Board of Directors

January 28, 2008