Community News

Board Meetings

The proposed schedule of Board meetings for this year is posted on the Aberdeen Creek HOA web site The first Board meeting of 2008 will be held at 7:00 PM on Thursday, January 24 at the Riverview Civic Center. All are invited to attend.

Welcome Wagon

Please join us in welcoming two new neighbors: David and Maggie Swank (8920) and Jason and Nicole Geisel (8938)

Maintenance and Beautification

Flowers were planted in the entrance center island in mid-December. Thank you to everyone who helped with this effort. The Board is evaluating proposals to repair and improve the sprinklers in the common area. As required by FS720.3055(1) the lawn maintenance contract will be re bid next month.


As required by Florida Statue FS720.303(7) a copy of the 2007 financials is attached.

Neighborhood Watch

In late December several neighborhood juveniles were stopped from shooting at streetlights with a BB gun. Residents are reminded that any suspicious activity should be reported immediately to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s department.

Verizon FIOS Installation

MasTec North America, an authorized contractor for Verizon, has completed the FIOS installation in our community. If you have any concerns about the work performed or the restoration of your property you can contact MasTec at 866-316-8388.

Web Site and eMail

A reminder that the ACHOA web site can be found at and the email address for the Board is

Architectural Control Committee

All owners and residents are reminded that improvements and changes to your property require approval by the Architectural Control Committee ("ACC"). A written request must be submitted to the ACC and, if approved, you will receive a written confirmation. The current ACC guidelines and forms can be found on our web site along with a copy of the CC&R’s and the Shed and Storm Door Amendment. Any Board member can also assist with providing forms.

Homeowners who requested and received approvals during 2007: we need you to resubmit a copy of your request for our files, and a copy of your written approval if you received one. If you have not received a written confirmation of your approval one will be provided.

If any homeowner is missing a written approval for past requests duplicate copies can be requested.

Residents planning to repaint their homes should contact the ACC for information about a list of the approved (Duron/Sherwin Williams) colors being compiled from the original Inland Homes "book".

Volunteers Needed

The Board still needs volunteers to serve on several committees including the Architecture Committee.



January, 2008