Community News

2008 Board Election

The Board is pleased to announce the election of the following Directors for 2008:

Clifford Reiss - 8941

Denise Briggs - 8915

John Cirello – 8946

Marci Martin – 8914

Rob Fisher – 8940

Officers will be selected at the next Board meeting tentatively scheduled for Thursday, December 20, 2007.

The new Board would like to thank the 2007 Board for having volunteered their time this past year.

Volunteers Needed

The Board will be seeking volunteers to serve on several committees including the Architecture Committee.

Neighborhood Watch

With the Holiday season approaching please remain extra vigilant and immediately report any suspicious activity to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s department.


The Board believes the Internet is a reliable and important means of communication. Our web site at is the official site "of record" and an efficient means of communicating with community.

We have a new email address for the Board:

The email "check" planned for last month was too time-consuming to complete. Instead we ask that every homeowner please send an email that includes your name and address (house number) to the Board email address at to allow us to re-build our email list. All Board email communications will always be sent using the "bcc" feature to keep your email address from public view.

Property Maintenance

SWFWMD has advised that watering restrictions will continue for the next several months. Please do your best to maintain your lawns while complying with these restrictions.


December, 2007