December 23, 2006

Dear Neighbors:

The ACHOA Board needs to advise you that there have been numerous instances of vandalism in our community the last several nights.

We have experienced theft and destruction of lawn ornaments and property, defacing of property, and hooligans found climbing on the roof of 8922.

The vandalism seems to occur between 11PM and 4AM.....

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's department has been contacted and they have responded several times to our calls. They have agreed to increase the number of patrols through the neighborhood. However they also advise that at this time of year, with schools out, vandalism is a frequent problem throughout the county.

We ask that you be especially vigilant for the next 7 to 10 days - looking after your own property and others in the community - and do not hesitate to call the Hillsborough County Sheriff should you see any suspicious activity.