December 22, 2005

Aberdeen Creek Homeowners

Your Aberdeen Creek Circle Homeowners Association Board of Directors for 2006 would like to introduce themselves to you and give you a brief overview of what we would plan to accomplish this coming year.

Effective December 22, 2005 the officers of the Board of Directors are:

We are a small community of only 50 homes (well perhaps soon to be 51 next year). Our ability to handle the affairs of the Association as required by Florida State law in a community of this size depends on our having volunteers such as ourselves who are willing to serve on the Board. It also depends on the willingness of the property Owners our neighbors to contribute their time and effort to help maintain the community.

In 2006 we plan to hold quarterly Board meetings as well as the Member meeting in November for Board elections. Additional meetings will be scheduled if necessary. The Aberdeen Creek HOA web site will have the meeting schedule.

Enforcement of the CC&Rs is important to ensure the community continues to maintain the high standards that make Aberdeen Creek a desirable place to live as well as keeping our property values high. The Board will continue to update the CC&Rs to ensure they comply with current Florida statutes.. The Board will also work with the Architectural Committee to make sure standards and procedures for addressing and resolving issues are clear.

The Board firmly believes that good communication is the key to resolving issues and encourages neighbors to talk to each other to address and resolve any issues or concerns before involving the Board.

Finally, the Board will continue to monitor and work with our contractors who maintain our common areas to make sure we receive proper service at a fair price.

The Board welcomes suggestions, ideas, comments, and feedback from the community. Please feel free to contact any of the Board members our email addresses are posted on the web site.

Very truly yours,

______________________ _______________________ ____________________

Richard Cochran, President Steve Briggs, Vice President Clifford Reiss, Treasurer

______________________ __________________________

Tom Martinez, Secretary Marci Martin, Member At Large