Community Newsletter

The Board is pleased to advise we have finished the first phase of our community beautification effort, largely due to efforts spearheaded by our Vice President Denise Briggs, and with the assistance of the Board members and volunteers from the community.

The Abeerdeen Creek sign has been cleaned and repainted, the stone columns pressure washed and the concrete tops painted, trees have been trimmed, the sprinkler system repaired, and the landscaping plants, flowers and mulch has been redone.

We would like to hear your feedback and comments either in person or by email to

The Board will continue to identify opportunities to maintain and improve the appearance of the community. This is especially important as we are finally starting to see an increase in home sales. One of the two foreclosed homes in the community was sold in January and repairs are almost completed; we hope that the second foreclosure will soon be sold and also brought up to par. We are also fortunate that we have very few rental properties, and are pleased that the one rental property has been improved.

As a homeowner in the community please take the time to look at your house, fences, lawns, landscaping, and trees and make any necessary repairs, refurbishing, cleanup and trimming that is required. We especially ask that you look at trees that may be overhanging sidewalks and trim them back appropriately.

The Board will be walking the neighborhood to identify opportunities for improvements we ask for your understanding and cooperation if we bring these items to your attention.

Also, please keep the Board informed of actions you may have underway to address deficiencies. If we know that you are actively working at correcting problems it will avoid any misunderstandings.

As always, the Board welcomes suggestions, ideas, comments, and feedback from the community.


Your Aberdeen Creek Board of Directors

April 23, 2008


PS: if you received this letter in hard copy we do not have your email address please drop us a note at so we can add you to our contact list.