• Document Retention Requirements
  • Information Security
  • Professional Manager Advice

  • The following reference information will assist in the administration and operation of the Homeowners Association.
    Some of these functions may (also) be handled by the Management Company.

    Document Retention Requirements

  • Board Meeting Minutes - permanent retention in a minute book
  • Association Plans, Blueprints, Building Records - permanent retention
  • Association Documents and Amendments - permanent retention
  • Annual Meeting Notices - one year
  • Election Materials - one year
  • Financial Records - 7 years
  • Warranty / Other - as long as warranty is in place or equipment information is needed
  • Other Records & Correspondance - 7 years

    Information Security

  • Treasurer should not retain copies of checks with bank account numbers,
  • No owner personal information should appear or be stored on the web site.
  • Violations information should not identify owner addresses - use a cross-reference table maintained by the Board
  • eMail sent to owners should use the "bcc" feature so individual owner email address are not displayed to others

    Professional Manager Advice (from newspaper columns & other sources)

  • What happens if no one runs for the Board? The state will take control of the Association,
    appoint a paid Receiver to manage the Association, and charge the Association for the cost
    of the manager - $8,000 or more per year.
  • 11/1/2008 - Can Directors Vote Online? Only in the case of an emergency and then the matter
    must be on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled meeting and the vote validated with
    a new vote. Everyday business decisions can only be voted on at an open, scheduled meeting.