HOA Board Member Duties

(this section was last updated November 06, 2017.)

The Aberdeen Creek Homeowners Association is a corporation under the laws of the State of Florida. The activities of the ACHOA are governed by both the CC&R documents including the ByLaws and Articles of Incorporation and Amendments as well as the Florida Statutes (FS720).

All Persons Running For Election To The Board of Directors Must Be Familiar With This Section and Be Willing To Undertake the Required Responsibilities.
The elected Board will select and/or appoint Directors to the fill the positions listed below.
Our CC&R documents require that the Board has an odd number of Directors (i.e. 3, 5, ...)

All Owners are members of the Association and are responsible for actions of the elected Board of Directors.
All Owners should avail themselves of the opportunity to monitor the activities of the Board of Directors by attending meetings and reviewing Board records.

Some of the duties listed below are now handled by the Management Company.....

  • President:

  • The President of the Board of Director has the responsibility to ensure that the Homeonwers Association:
    ==> represents the interests of the 51 owners who are all members of the Association;
    ==> complies with all requirements imposed on the HOA as a Florida Corporation;
    ==> adheres to the rules, regulations, and procedures set forth in the Statutes of the State of Florida that govern homeowners associations;
    ==> maintains the Common Areas of the community;
    ==> enforces the deed restrictions in the CC&Rs.
    These duties are to be carried out by the President, Board Members, Committees of Owners, and Volunteers from the community.
    At the same time the President, as the most visible representative of the Board of Directors, should ensure that the Board listens to and acts on behalf of and in the best interests of the community but within the boundaries of what is required and allowed by the Florida Statutes.

    The President will preside at meetings of the Board of Directors.

    The President will ensure that:
    ==> Orders and resolutions of the Board are carried out.
    ==> Board Directors perform their duties and responsibilities.
    ==> The Association legal council is notified of any and all matters that might affect the Association and that the Board stays in touch with the Association's legal council until such matters are resolved.
    ==> Letters or e-mails from homeowners are answered.
    ==> Enforcement of the CC&Rs is handled uniformly and fairly.
    ==> CC&R courtesy notices and violation letters are prepared and sent to homeowners if needed.
    ==> An Architectural Committee is available to handle all homeowner requests on a timely basis.
    ==> An Arbitration/Fine Committee is appointed; that approprite instructions are given to the Arbitration/Fine Committee; there is oversight of the Arbitration/Fine Committee; that records are maintained; and that appropriate action is taken if violations are not corrected in a reasonable amount of time.
    ==> Procedures are in place to prepare and maintain all required records including tracking owner communications and committee action
    ==> The community is provided with information thru a Community Newsletter or similar means on the activities of the Board and matters affecting the community.

  • Vice President:

  • ==> Performs all functions of the President if the President is not available
    ==> Runs the Architectural Committee if other volunteers are not available

  • Secretary:

  • ==> Maintains Owner Lists - public and non-public (legal requirement)
    ==> Records and publishes minutes for all Board Meetings
    ==> Maintains Board records

  • Treasurer:

  • ==> Prepares and distributes a budget for the annual Members Meeting
    ==> Pay all bills on time
    ==> Maintains the Association's checking account balance > minimum required by the bank to avoid fees
    ==> Maintains the Association's savings account average balance > minimum required by the bank to avoid fees
    ==> Prepares monthly financials - balance sheet and income statement and maintains the financial records
    ==> Prepares and sends annual dues assessment bills, reminders, and past due statements
    ==> Maintains an uncollected ledger balance including late charges and fees for all past due assessments
    ==> Collects, tracks and deposits annual dues assessments payments
    ==> Maintains the Petty Cash account
    ==> Prepares financial Forecasts
    ==> Responds to Estoppal requests
    ==> Deposits and tracks all miscellaneous receipts

  • At Large:

  • ==> Fills in for any Board Member as needed

  • Web Master:

  • ==> Maintains and updates the Association web site
    ==> Maintains and updates the eMail mailbox (aberdeencreekfl@yahoo.com)

  • ACC Committee:

  • ==> Evaluates all homeowner requests requiring ACC approval
    ==> Follows established procedures for documentation, signatures, preparation of records
    ==> Maintains files and records of all requests and decisions
    ==> Must keep records of meetings per Florida Sunshine laws

  • Arbitration and Fine Committee:

  • ==> Cannot have Board Members on this Committee
    ==> Evaluates Violations and Assess Fines
    ==> Must Keep Minutes should future legal action be required

  • Recommended Delegation of Responsibilities:

  • ==> Appoint a volunteer (from the Board or Community) to oversee lawn maintenance
    ==> Appoint a volunteer ((from the Board or Community) to oversee maintenance of the irrigation system
    ==> Appoint a volunteer (from the Board or Community) to oversee maintenance of the retention pond