Last Update 09-28-2023

Aberdeen Creek HOA maintains 2 bank accounts - one managed by the Management Company at Truist
and one managed by the Board at Chase.

The Chase account managed by the Board:
> As Of September 5, 2021 the account is a "Chase Business Complete Checking" Account
> The Monthly Service Fee if not waived is $15/month
> If a minimum daily balance (each day) is at least $2,000 the Monthly Service Fee is waived
> The account must have activity at least once every 24 months to maintain an "active" status - which includes allowing online access.

Therefore at least once a year absent any other activity
it is recommended that a small withdrawal be made
from the account and the funds redeposited a day or two after.

Activity can be recorded here....
Last activity was: September 30, 2022

Additional Information:
> The current account signers are Mark Bowes-HOA President and Clifford Reiss-HOA Treasurer
> The account does not have a Debit Card
> Checks for the account are held by the Treasurer
> Online account access userid and password are known by the HOA President and HOA Treasurer
> A daily account summary is sent to the account email address and is monitored by the Treasurer
> Account Activity Alerts are enabled and are received and monitored by the Treasurer